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All You Need To Know About Burglary Repairs And Other Locksmith Services In Bradford

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Welcome to the news and blog section of In House Securities Ltd! Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or simply looking to stay informed about security matters, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings in the locksmith world, offering insights on everything from burglary repairs and key cutting to lock installation and replacement. We'll also share valuable tips on how to improve your home or business security and provide guidance on what to do in an emergency situation requiring door or window opening by a professional. Stay tuned for informative articles and helpful resources to keep you safe and secure. For details about our locksmith services in and around Bradford, contact us today!

Latest News

Ultion Locks—The New Fight Against Burglary

February 2015

The new Ultion lock will stop any burglar, and here's how:

Double Snap Resistance

If an attacker snaps Ultion, he is left only with a sacrificial end section. A second attack leaves him with the same again, leaving the lock secure.

Bumps Bumping

If a 'bump key' is used to force entry, Ultion has pins designed specifically to repel the attacker.

Enters 'Lockdown Mode' When Attack Detected

If Ultion detects an attack, it activates a concealed attack lock directly into the central mechanism. So even if the attacker snaps the lock (twice), Ultion is still secure from the outside yet fully operational from the inside with a key.

11 Pick Proof Pins

The unique 11-pin system makes Ultion almost impossible to pick. This is demonstrated by nearly 300,000 key combinations.

Drill Repellant

6 hardened steel anti-drill pins run through both sides of Ultion to thwart yet another attack method.

Approved Cylinder

Anti-Snap cylinder with 3* TS007 Kitemark accreditation and Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Standard.

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